In the realm of construction, materials are persistently exposed to the brunt of nature and various elements. Be it the harsh UV rays, the constant battering of rain, or the inescapable erosion over time. At Master’s Touch, we’ve meticulously engineered solutions tailored for the unique challenges that the construction sector faces daily.

Elevate Construction Standards with Master's Touch

Our diverse product range offers a plethora of solutions designed specifically for the construction industry. From preventing rust to countering water damage on materials like concrete and wood, Master's Touch has got it all covered. Leveraging both water and solvent-based formulations, our coatings are designed to create surfaces that repel water and resist chemicals, especially when subjected to nature's whims.

Rooted in advanced chemistry and innovative research, our MT-10 formula is the epitome of protection in the construction sector. Designed to penetrate deeply into porous materials like wood and concrete, it forges a robust molecular bond with the substrate, crafting a fortress-like barrier against potential threats. Be it water, oil, carbon dioxide, or chlorides, MT-10 ensures that these adversaries don't stand a chance.

Many costs and challenges in the construction world stem from damage to porous substrates like wood and concrete. Master's Touch rises to this challenge, turning the tables in favor of durability and longevity. With our MT-10 formula, be assured that your construction projects are not just built but are fortified for the future. Embrace Master's Touch, and redefine the standards of construction excellence.

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Master's Touch products are specially formulated to prevent rust, water damage, and offer superior protection for surfaces like concrete and wood. Their deep-penetrating formulas offer long-term protection against common construction-related challenges.

MT-10 is designed to deeply penetrate porous materials such as wood and concrete. It forms a molecular bond with the substrate, creating a barrier against water, oil, carbon dioxide, and chlorides, thereby preventing permanent staining and damage.

Yes. The unique polyol composition in our products makes them impervious to UV degradation, ensuring long-lasting performance even under prolonged sun exposure.

Absolutely. Master's Touch products not only prevent moisture and oils from penetrating deep into pores but also actively work to inhibit the growth of mold and mildew, keeping construction materials in pristine condition.

With its hydrophobic and oleophobic durability attributes, Master's Touch products provide long-term performance protection for reinforcing steel and rebar. This ensures that these crucial construction components remain strong and rust-free for an extended period.

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