RC-101: The Ultimate Defense Against Rust

MT-101 is a revolutionary rust-conversion solution trusted across industries, from aerospace to marine. Crafted with an innovative, eco-friendly formula, it chemically binds with rust to forge an impenetrable barrier, guarding metals against moisture and oxygen for up to a year. Perfect for environments where rust protection is paramount, this non-toxic, water-based solution not only ensures prolonged metal lifespan but also meets rigorous environmental standards. As the demand for rust-free, durable solutions grows in sectors like construction, oil & gas, and marine, MT-101 stands out as the premier choice for rust protection and surface conservation.

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MT-101 is a groundbreaking rust converter and primer that seamlessly bonds with rusted and scarred metals. This transformative product establishes an ultra-resilient shell that is impervious to the deteriorating effects of oxygen and moisture. Built to withstand nearly all forms of environmental degradation, MT-101 delivers up to a year of unparalleled rust-free protection.


Adaptable Application: Perfectly suited for all steel surfaces, especially in places where in-depth cleaning or sandblasting might be a challenge.

Theoretical Spread Rate: Offers an impressive coverage of 150-250 sq.ft/gal at a slim 1mil thickness.

Application Methodology: Though the removal of loose rust with a wire brush is advocated, spray application of MT-101 is optimal for deep rust penetration. It’s versatile enough for both dry and damp surfaces, and for maximum protection, a subsequent coat is recommended within 30-60 minutes of the initial application. Post an 8-12 hour drying period, the surface becomes ready for a topcoat.



  1. Quick and efficient rust conversion adaptable to a range of weather conditions.
  2. Guarantees over 800 hours of corrosion defense with just a 1-mil application under Salt Spray conditions (ASTM B 117) on pre-rusted steel parts.
  3. Retains its protective properties even in significant salt-contaminated environments.
  4. Acts as a robust barrier against re-rusting and notably enhances the adherence of top-coats.
  5. Eco-conscious with VOC and AQMD compliance, ensuring a non-toxic, eco-friendly constitution.

What Sets MT-101 Apart?

  • Its non-flammable, non-combustible, and non-corrosive nature ensures zero harm to metal, plastic surfaces, or welds.
  • A water-based composition with an almost non-existent VOC footprint.
  • Requires minimal surface preparation, yet offers formidable re-corrosion prevention for up to a year.
  • Completely devoid of caustics or petroleum distillates, making it a safe choice for various applications.

Technical Specs:

  • Flash Point (CCP): Non-Flammable
  • Boiling Point: 210 F
  • Vapor Pressure: Not Applicable
  • Vapor Density: Greater than Air (Air=1 >1)
  • Specific Gravity: 1.06
  • Water Solubility: Complete
  • Appearance: White liquid with a subtle odor.
  • PH: Not Determined

MT-101 Applications

List of usage and application scenarios for the MT-101 Product


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MT-101 is a chemical solution designed to combine with rust, creating a durable shell that protects against oxygen and moisture effects, offering up to 1 year of rust-free protection.

Absolutely! MT-101's robust rust-protection capabilities make it ideal for sectors like aerospace, marine, construction, and oil & gas, ensuring metal components remain rust-free under demanding conditions.

First, remove any loose rust with a wire brush and clean the surface. MT-101 can be sprayed or brushed on, with spray application preferred for better penetration. It's applicable to both dry and damp surfaces. A second coat is recommended within 30-60 minutes of the first for optimum protection.

After applying MT-101, it's recommended to allow it to dry for 8-12 hours before applying any topcoat.

Yes, MT-101 is environmentally friendly, non-toxic, non-reactive, non-corrosive, and non-flammable. Its water-based formulation means it doesn't contain harmful caustics or petroleum distillates.

MT-101 chemically combines with the rust, transforming it into a nearly indestructible shell. This unique bond prevents the harmful effects of oxygen and moisture, thereby preventing re-rust for up to a year.

No, MT-101 is non-corrosive, ensuring that it will not harm metal or plastic surfaces. It also won't damage or contaminate metals or welds.

Yes, MT-101 adheres to VOC and AQMD standards, making it compliant with rigorous environmental safety regulations.

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