In the aerospace sector, where precision, safety, and performance are paramount, Master’s Touch provides an unmatched edge. The vastness of the sky and the challenges posed by its elements demand the absolute best in protective solutions, and that’s exactly where our products shine.

Why Trust Master’s Touch for Aerospace?

Heat Management: Our high-heat ceramic formulas are meticulously designed to drastically reduce surface temperatures. This not only enhances performance but also significantly extends the lifespan of essential components.

Rust and Corrosion Prevention: Aerospace components are constantly exposed to extreme conditions. Our coatings ensure these parts remain rust-free and devoid of corrosion, allowing for optimum performance even in the most demanding scenarios.

Hydrophobic and Chemical Resistance: Planes and spacecraft often endure severe weather and environmental conditions. Our hydrophobic coatings ensure that water and chemicals slide off surfaces, preventing potential damages and preserving the integrity of vital components.

Enhanced Fire Protection: The current industry standard for engine cowling panels involves a two-component system consisting of intumescent paint and an epoxy topcoat. While the epoxy layer offers resistance against chemicals and humidity, the intumescent paint provides a crucial fire protection barrier. This integrated solution ensures that, in emergency situations, there's a robust defense against catastrophic structural failures.

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Absolutely! Our products, like the MT-C770, are specially formulated to resist intense heat and prevent delamination, especially in critical areas like engine cowlings.

MT-5 Zero is a V.O.C. solvent degreaser designed to thoroughly remove surface contaminants and grease from metal and aluminum, ensuring a clean base for our coatings to adhere to.

Yes, our coatings are developed with the aerospace sector in mind. They provide protection against chemical attacks, humidity, and heat, making them ideal for various aircraft components including engine cowling panels.

While traditional coatings often rely on a combination of intumescent paint and epoxy topcoat, Master's Touch products, such as MT-C770, offer enhanced heat resistance and can even be applied over existing engine cowlings for improved protection.

The longevity of our coatings depends on the specific conditions and demands of each aerospace application. However, due to their robust formulation, Master's Touch products generally offer longer-lasting protection than conventional solutions, reducing the need for frequent re-coatings.

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