MT-1 The Clear Choice for Protection

MT-1 is an advanced protective coating system, originally devised for military applications, embodying the pinnacle of rust inhibition technology. Recognized for its long-lasting high-grade clear coat, this rust inhibitor is meticulously crafted to suit both water and solvent-based deliveries, ensuring customization for diverse applications. As a testament to its unrivaled efficacy, MT-1 showcases superior bonding capabilities, outpacing conventional epoxy paints and a broad spectrum of coatings available today.

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MT-1 goes beyond just rust prevention. With an innate UV resistance, this non-flammable rust inhibitor enhances UV protection to painted surfaces, ensuring longevity even under harsh environmental conditions. Impressively, MT-1’s resilience against abrasion surpasses NAVSEA standards, losing just 1% during rigorous tests, setting it distinctly apart from competitors. MT-1’s transformative nature is evident not only in its clear variant but also in its ability to incorporate color, making it an ideal alternative to traditional epoxy coatings. Suitable for a myriad of surfaces, including metals, masonry, timber, and fiberglass, MT-1 stands as the epitome of cutting-edge protective coatings.


  • Fire-Safe: MT-1 doesn’t catch fire.
  • UV Guard: It acts like a sunblock for painted areas.
  • Tough as Nails: It sailed through NAVSEA abrasion tests with just 1% loss, outperforming many regular standards.
  • Super Bond: MT-1 attaches to surfaces 10 times better than most paints.
  • Customizable Look: It’s typically clear but can be tinted to replace epoxy paints in any color you fancy.


  • Eco-friendly: It meets California’s strict environmental standards.
  • Quick Set: It dries in just 1.5 hours and is fully set in 5.
  • Long Life: Its super bonding power ensures it lasts longer than regular coatings.
  • Robust for Rough Jobs: It’s tough enough for the demanding conditions of oil and gas exploration.
  • Saves Time & Money: MT-1’s durability means less time and money spent on maintenance.

What Sets MT-1 Apart?

  1. Blocks UV rays.
  2. Stands up to impacts – no damage even at 160PSI.
  3. Resists wear and tear.
  4. Bonds incredibly well – in tests, it even pulled marble!
  5. Holds strong against chemicals.
  6. Environmentally sound and not solvent-based.
  7. Safe: non-flammable and non-toxic.
  8. Fast: Dries in 90 minutes, sets in 8 hours.
  9. Long-lasting shine with clear MT-1. Also available in various colors.
  10. Keeps rust at bay in all conditions.
  11. Provides multi-year protection.

Technical Specs:

  • Type: Solvent-based
  • Pigment: Solvent Pigment
  • Volume: 20% Solids
  • Thickness/Coverage: Wet: 3.5-5 mils; Dry: 20 mils; Coverage: 13-16 sq. m./L
  • Drying Time: Tack-free in 30 mins; Fully cured in 8 hours
  • Temperature Range: Application: 100 C – 32.20 C; Operating: 400 C – 1210 C

MT-1 Applications

List of usage and application scenarios for the MT-1 Product


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MT-1 was originally developed for the military as a high-grade clear coat rust inhibitor to offer extended protection in demanding conditions.

Yes, MT-1 is versatile and can be applied on a variety of surfaces including ferrous & non-ferrous metals, masonry, timber, fiberglass, glass, and carbon fiber.

MT-1 is typically clear, but colors can be added to make it a complete replacement for epoxy coatings, offering both protection and aesthetic appeal.

MT-1 dries within 90 minutes and fully cures in 5 hours. This ensures a quick application process and minimal downtime for the equipment or structure being coated.

Absolutely! MT-1 is fully compliant with California VOC requirements, making it environmentally friendly. Additionally, it's non-flammable and non-toxic.

MT-1 boasts superior bonding power, being 10 times more adhesive than many standard paints available on the market today. It even outperforms many epoxy paints in bonding efficacy.

Yes, MT-1 should be applied at temperatures between 100°C – 350°C. It's important not to apply the product if rain is expected within the next 12 hours or if the surface is wet. Always refer to the technical data for precise application conditions.

Before applying MT-1 on bare metal, conduct an SSPC-1 cleaning to ensure all contaminants are removed. Once this is completed, blast the area to achieve a near white metal finish and remove all grit and dust. The surface should be wiped with Isopropyl Alcohol until no residue is present. After preparation, MT-1 Primer can be applied following the recommended steps.

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Additional information

Weight 0.1 kg



Solvent Pigment


20% Solids


Wet: 3.5-5 mils; Dry: 20 mils, Coverage: 13-16 sq. m./L

Drying Time

Tack-free in 30 mins; Fully cured in 8 hours

Temperature Range

Application: 100 C – 32.20 C, Operating: 400 C – 1210 C