Master’s Touch Unveils Groundbreaking Permanent Concrete Anti-Stik Solution

Master’s Touch International introduces its pioneering “Enduring Concrete Anti-Stik Coating” tailored specifically for the concrete mixing, transportation, and positioning sector. This robust coat is ingeniously designed to cut down on tool and machinery maintenance expenditures, enhance the longevity of equipment, and simplify the tedious process of removing hardened concrete from metal exteriors.

Gone are the days of resorting to hammers, chisels, and jackhammers for scraping off solidified concrete from equipment and implements. With the innovative Master’s Touch MT-447 Concrete Anti-Stik, there’s a smooth finish that rapidly dispels uncured concrete from both upright and inclined surfaces. Set concrete can be effortlessly detached from these surfaces using pressure washers or even a commonplace drywall taping instrument (commonly called a spatula). “Our unique anti-stik solution incorporates mineral nanomaterials, reputed for being sturdier than steel by 200-fold, enhancing its already remarkable 9H hardness metric,” remarks Moe Elkateb, the Chief Executive at Master’s Touch. “This distinct water-repellent and oil-repellent blend stands up to abrasive aggregates and simultaneously resists the chemical effects present in concrete amalgamations.”

What sets this coating apart is its minimal friction factor. Mirroring the functionality of the teflon in your skillet, its matured surface propels the movement of uncured concrete off of it. Moreover, even if the concrete sets on this layer, its removal is a breeze using a simple pressure washer, or it can be elevated off using basic equipment.

This stand-alone formulation can be effortlessly spread using a conventional HPLV spray apparatus or with a spongy brush. The Anti-Stik Coating is available in transparent, ebony, and metallic shades, though it can be customized to any shade of choice. Purchase options include aerosol packs, standard gallon containers, extensive 5-gallon containers, or sizable 200-liter drums.

A Glimpse into Master’s Touch

Master’s Touch is renowned for its unmatched industrial and domestic coatings that redefine performance norms and set industry precedents. The company has pioneered a range of coatings that harness the newest scientific and tech breakthroughs, incorporating first-ever synthetic quantum substances and showcasing the capability to modify mixtures on a molecular scale via avant-garde science.

The enterprise takes pride in being the go-to choice for global corporations seeking solutions for their most intricate and resource-intensive challenges. Their user-safe and eco-friendly solutions not only add aesthetics but also optimize cost-efficiency.

Powering Master’s Touch is a seasoned ensemble of chemical experts and investigative scientists dedicated to transforming the unimaginable into reality. Their sophisticated coating solutions cater to diverse clientele, from defense contractors and major industries to everyday homeowners. Their state-of-the-art concoctions challenge boundaries to offer green, cost-effective, and user-friendly offerings.

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