Heat Blocking

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  • MT-109 Thermal Insulator: A game-changer in energy-efficient coatings, MT-109 guarantees a 15-year lifespan and slashes cooling costs by 20%-40%. This revolutionary water-based formula offers robust UV, fire, and corrosion resistance, making it perfect for diverse applications across metal, plastic, and glass surfaces. Experience the future of thermal insulation with MT-109.

  • Discover MT-321, the game-changing High Temperature Insulator. With a rapid cure time, robust UV, and chemical resistance, this anti-stick coating is the answer to extreme heat challenges in marine, aerospace, construction, and more. Its superior hydrophobic properties ensure maximum protection against rust and corrosion, making it the ultimate choice for modern equipment and machinery. Dive into a world of advanced insulation with MT-321, where space-age meets efficiency.